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● Twenty years writing for advertising, newswire, promotional copy, marketing, publicity.




● Wrote advertising copy for Hammond Organ, Paiste, Trewax, Hydrospa; Wrote and cast radio/busboard campaign for First Federal Savings and Loan of Santa Monica

● Wrote, voiced, recorded The Media: Making an Impact program for sale as part of public speaking engagement at Boston seminar along with articles for national publications.

● Wrote/edited/proofed newswire copy MetroSource, Associated Press, United Press International

● Contributed articles to the Awareness Journal, Animals’ Agenda, Shelter Sense, Philadelphia Inquirer, Harper’s Weekly, Steppin’ Out Magazine, The Drummer

●Winner - First Place New Mexico Association of Broadcasters - two part series with Mike Ruppert on “The End of Oil”; Finalist Golden Reel Awards.

●Provided Continuing Coverage from the explosion of the Twin Towers throughout the day

● Press detail and pool reporter for President Bill Clinton visit.

●Broke story of treated effluent planned for Orlando drinking water .

●Continuing Coverage from before the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger .

●Coverage of President Ronald Reagan’s address to the Annual Evangelical Conference.




Conceived, wrote and cast print/broadcast/busboard campaign to create relationship between public

and financial institution (Santa Monica Federal Savings and Loan). Wrote advertising copy for client list, including Hammond Organ, Paiste, Trewax, Hydrospa. Collaborated with creative team as copywriter to design effective copy for broadcast, print and other mediums. Wrote research study. Edited annual report. Wrote “spec” ads for presentations. Edited and proofread copy and other promotional and advertising campaign materials for publication and distribution. Assisted in developing and preparing copy for advertising and marketing projects and products in various media such as print and radio. Participated in the development of new project proposals for the unit. Prepared copy for advertising campaigns, marketing programs, publicity efforts. Assisted with planning sales promotions. 




Wrote, edited, proofread and produced materials for on-air broadcast. Conducted interviews with newsmakers. Operated news department including hiring, training, guiding news writers and broadcasters.



● Built News Department WJYO-FM.

● Hired, trained supervised news writers, anchors, broadcasters. Handled administrative and operational duties

● Budgeted, developed and implemented systems for newsmaker access, equipment upkeep, independent coordination of all day-to-day aspects of the newsroom

● Wrote, edited, produced materials for on-air broadcast. Conducted interviews with newsmakers and digitally.  Edited them for distribution through national newswire network. Crisis response to events such as 9/11



● Enthusiastic, motivated, self-starter

● Punctual, effective at time management, ability to multitask

● Develops innovative "big picture" concepts while remaining attentive to details

● Advanced verbal and written communication skills

● Positive communicator with a "can do" attitude

● Solid relationship and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community

● Ability to foster a cooperative work environment

● Hardworking team player who inspires management and coworkers alike

● Employee development and performance management skills

● Leads and trains staff and volunteers including organizing, prioritizing and scheduling work assignments

● Skilled in organizing resources and establishing priorities

● Uses independent judgment to manage and impart information to a range of clientele and/or media sources

● Interpersonal/teamwork and managerial expertise

● KeyTrain Teamwork - highest level obtainable



● 15+ years computer experience

● Proficient in MS Office 2003, 2007, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet

● Experienced with Windows Operating Systems 95. 98, XP, XP Pro, 7

● Familiar with XHTML, HTML, CSS

● Easily learn and adapt to specialized computer software programs

● 65 wpm keyboard speed

● Web site maintenance

● Troubleshooting

● Digital editing with Adobe Audition 1.5. Adobe Audition 3.0, Cool Edit, SAW

● Adobe Photoshop

● Web site design - Dreamweaver, Comcast,  Wix

● Social Media Marketing









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