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List of News Interviewees




Senator John McCain

now-Senator Bernie Sanders

now-Senator Bill Nelson

General Alexander Haig

General Claudia Kennedy

General Merrill McPeak

Pat Buchanan – political commentator

Now-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Representative Tom Udall

Congressman Patrick Kennedy

Governor Bill Richardson

Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez




Anita Roddick –Body Shop founder/author/lecturer

Dick Gregory – author/Civil Rights activist/fruitarian/comedian

Jeff Cohen – founder of FAIR/writer/lecturer/media critic

Russell Train – second Administrator of the EPA under Richard Nixon

Kevin Phillips – author/political commentator

Gene Hackman – author/actor

Shirley MacLaine – actress/author

Dennis Weaver – actor/environmental activist

Ted Danson – actor/ environmental activist

Joan Baez – singer/anti-war activist

Harry Chapin – singer/writer/anti-hunger activist

Frances Moore Lappé – author/Small Planet Institute founder/anti-hunger activist/co-founder Food First

Phil Donahue – talk show host/documentary producer

Bill Maher – television host/comedian/author

Jorge Ramos – news anchor/author

Adrian Cronauer – disk jockey portrayed in “Good Morning America”

Micki McGee Scott - during Patty Hearst era

Cathy Rigby - Olympic gymnast

Maureen Dean - during Watergate

Sonia Sanchez - poet

Philip Berrigan - peace activist, one of the Plowshares Eight

Sally Quinn - journalist at the Washington Post, author

Cleveland Amory - animal rights advocate, author

Ron Kovic - Viet Nam Marine Corp veteran, anti-war activist

Francis More Lappé - author, co-founder Institute for food and development Policy


Ben Cohen – entrepreneur/business innovator/political activist/co-founder Ben&Jerry’s

Ernesto Sirolli – author/founder Sirolli Institute/helps rebirth local economies around the world

Amy and David Goodman – host “Democracy Now”/authors/reporter/columnists

Rabbi Michael Lerner – spiritual activist/editor “Tikkun” magazine/National co-chair Tikkun community and Network of Spiritual Progressives


Eloise Cobell - Executive Director of the Native American Community Development Corporation a non-profit affiliate of Native American Bank. She also served as Chairperson for the Blackfeet National Bank, the first national bank located on an Indian reservation and owned by a Native American tribe.

David Hilliard – founding member and Chief of Staff - Black Panther Party/teacher

Elaine Brown – final and only female leader of the Black Panther Party/teacher/author/prison activist

Ron Kovic – author/anti-war activist/Viet Nam veteran

Mike Ruppert – author/founder and editor From The Wilderness publications

Jim Hightower – author/radio commentator/former Texas Agriculture commissioner/publishes “The Hightower Lowdown”

Greg Palast – author/investigative journalist/columnist “The Observer,” “The Guardian,”/BBC

Martha Burk – Money Editor “Ms. Magazine”/co-founder for Center for Advancement of Public Policy/former Chair of the National Council of Women’s Organizations/

Kenny Ausubel – author/lecturer/environmental activist/co-founder Bioneers/journalist/filmmaker/social entrepreneur

Ingrid Newkirk – author/lecturer/president and co-founder PETA/animal rights activist

Randy Grim – author/animal rights activist/founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis


Sharif Abdullah – author “Creating A World that Works For All”/director of the Commonway Institute, designed to build inclusivity, understanding and civic engagement between diverse groups of people in various settings. 

Michael Parenti- author/teacher/progressive political analyst

Jared Diamond – author/American evolutionary biologist, physiologist, biogeographer, lecturer, and nonfiction author.

Robert Meeropol – son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg/author/founder, executive director of The Rosenberg Fund for Children

Michael Meeropol - son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg


Roger von Oech – author on creativity/speaker/consultant

John Daido Loori – author/artist, Zen Master is the founder and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, New York


Carolyn Myss – medical intuitive/mystic/author in the field of energy medicine and human consciousness/lecturer

Deepak Chopra – Indian medical doctor and writer on spirituality and mind-body medicine/co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, CA

Sharon Salzberg – insight meditation teacher and spirituality writer

Lewis Mehl-Madrona – Native American healer/author/lecturer/ former Coordinator for Integrative Psychiatry and System Medicine, Program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine,Tucson, AZ, 2002-2005

Joe Graedon – author “The People’s Pharmacy”

Richard Barrett – former Values Coordinator at the World Bank/founder Spiritual Unfoldment Society/culture consultant/Fellow of the World Business Academy

Elizabeth Lesser – author/co-founder and senior advisor Omega Institute




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