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● Five years’ creating and executing special projects and major promotions to establish identity, and generate goodwill between area businesses and community

● Strong campaign design and corporate identity development skills

● Strong skills creating partnerships with sponsors, clients, businesses, and organizations

● Liaison between company and vendors, media, trade publications, clients, sponsors, community, local government

● Proficient at gathering materials, completing budgets, constructing and installing essentials to bring idea/plan to life and production of sales/promotional materials

● Ten years’ radio broadcasting copywriting, voice work, production

● Eight years’ developing and producing original radio programs

● Ten years’ multiple format programming and syndication

● Programmed commercial/non-commercial/live/cable music and news

● Five years’ designing and managing special projects



● Enthusiastic, motivated, self-starter

● Punctual, effective at time management, ability to multitask

● Develops innovative "big picture" concepts while remaining attentive to details

● Advanced verbal and written communication skills

● Positive communicator with a "can do" attitude

● Solid relationship and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community

● Ability to foster a cooperative work environment

● Hardworking team player who inspires management and coworkers alike

● Employee development and performance management skills

● Leads and trains staff and volunteers including organizing, prioritizing and scheduling work assignments

● Skilled in organizing resources and establishing priorities

● Uses independent judgment to manage and impart information to a range of clientele and/or media sources

● Interpersonal/teamwork and managerial expertise

● KeyTrain Teamwork - highest level obtainable



● 15+ years computer experience

● Proficient in MS Office 2003, 2007, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet

● Experienced with Windows Operating Systems 95. 98, XP, XP Pro, 7

● Familiar with XHTML, HTML, CSS

● Easily learn and adapt to specialized computer software programs

● 65 wpm keyboard speed

● Web site maintenance

● Troubleshooting

● Digital editing with Adobe Audition 1.5. Adobe Audition 3.0, Cool Edit, SAW

● Adobe Photoshop

● Web site design - Dreamweaver, Comcast, ZebraDots, Wix

● Social Media Marketing



● Built News Department WJYO-FM.

● Hired, trained supervised news writers, anchors, broadcasters. Handled administrative and operational duties

● Budgeted, developed and implemented systems for newsmaker access, equipment upkeep, independent coordination of all day-to-day aspects of the newsroom

● Wrote, edited, produced materials for on-air broadcast. Conducted interviews with newsmakers and digitally.  Edited them for distribution through national newswire network. Crisis response to events such as 9/11



● 20+ years audio broadcast, programming/ production, customer service, promotion/community relations experience

● Five+ years radio production experience including use of VoxPro, Telos, Scott Studios, Marti equipment

● Knowledge of FCC and other federal, state and local broadcast regulations

● Communication principles, media and marketing techniques

● Marketing strategies, processes and available resources

● Advertising requirements pertaining to a range of media

● On-air and remote broadcasting processes and procedures

● Program planning and implementation skills

● Ability to schedule events and facilities usage



Associated of Applied Science, Certificate in Digital Media

Central New Mexico Community College (formerly TVI) Albuquerque, NM

College of Business and Information Technology

Anticipated Certification: 2012

Completed Courses: Dreamweaver, Business English, Windows (XP/Vista), XHTMLComplete, Introduction to Computers, Integrated Business and Technology, Business Interpersonal Skills, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Visual Business Communication


Pathways To Success

New Mexico Workforce Connection

360 Solutions LLC and University of New Mexico, Continuing Ed

Personal Responsibility; Certification Received: October 2009

Personal Skills; Certification Received: November 2009

Microsoft 2007 Computer Skills Development; Certification Received: November 2009

Work Readiness; Certification Received: November 2009


Professional Development Certificate Program

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Anderson School of Management, Management Development Center

Nonprofit Management; Certificate Received: May 2006

Essentials for Managers; II Certificate Received: March 2005

Essentials For Managers; Certificate Received: November 2004


Communications, Media and Fundraising

University of California Los Angeles Extension, Los Angeles, CA

Advanced Radio Programming with Mark Blinoff 1980

Voiceover Workshop with Larry Moss 1980


On Loan from Goddard College (Sophomore and Junior Years)

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Iowa Writers' Workshop 1971; 1972; Concentration in Creative Writing


Residential Undergraduate Program

Goddard College, Plainfield, VT

Received Bachelor of Arts in English/Political Science August, 1973



Seabreeze High School, Daytona Beach, FL; Graduated cum laude

Member: National Honor Society; Member: Spanish Honor Society



● Drew 60K visitors from across three states and raised $6K for campaign to bring The Moving Wall for its premiere visit to New Hampshire

● Send Our Support event; 200 participants; received national news coverage

● Won National Association of Broadcasters' Best of the Best award with This Island Earth, a ten-week environmental radio game designed to engage active, interactive and passive listeners with different ways to participate; Built relationships with new businesses, national and international broadcasters



● Designed vehicle to help families and loved ones express support for service people as holidays approached with Send Our Support event; Provided participants with an "SOS Kit" and arranged for merchants to provide discounts on items for the kits; Proclaimed Send Our Support Day by Governor; Event repeated three times, covered by CNN; Built relationship with newly-opened mall



● Collaborated with community groups, school systems, advertisers and staff members to enhance programs and promotions that complemented their needs

● Planned, coordinated and facilitated strategic advertising in local media outlets including print, radio and television

● Planning and maintenance of a quarterly promotions calendar. Established and maintained timelines



● Handled program design, implementation monitoring of special projects to increase company visibility

● Day-to-day team interaction with staff of five and 75 volunteers involved in program activities

● Coordinated functions for all promotions including finding and setting up locations



● Increased participation in Gimme Shelter – Sleepout for Housing Now eventDeveloped programming to publicize local shelter.  Produced live overnight

gathering in front of state capitol, with state senator, musician, and speakers.

● Promoted Run For The Panther event using celebrity voice on original public

service announcements and signed celebrity photos for giveaways.



●Five years’ planning and executing promotional campaigns and events.

● Ten years’ radio broadcasting, including copywriting, voice work, production.

● Strong skills creating partnerships with sponsors, clients, businesses, andorganizations.

● Excellent written and verbal communications skills.



● Won National Association of Broadcasters’ Best of the Best award with This Island Earth, a ten-week environmental radio game designed to engage, active,interactive and passive listeners with different ways to participate. Built relationship with new business, national and international broadcasters.



● Public speaking

Fifteen years experience public speaking, workshop facilitator, panel guest, master of ceremonies in the fields of media, animal and environmental protection, social issues, and commercial products.

● Guest speaker at National Association of Broadcasters.

● Panelist U. S. Department of the Interior; Fish and Wildlife Service

● Emcee for speakers and popular musical performers – Dr. Robert Bowman, Roger McGuinn (Byrds), Pat Metheny, Gordon Lightfoot.

● Voice work

More than twenty years in broadcast, production, commercials, news.

● Wrote, voiced, produced, edited story for NPR; Voice of America, (Worldwide Vision).

● Commercial voiceover for New Mexico Sports and Wellness; American Cancer Society; Jones Intercable; Cottonwood Mall; Ultimed Rio Rancho; Downs Racetrack and Casino; Adoption Assistance Agency.

● News Director; wrote wire copy for MetroSource, Associated Press; broadcast news for MetroSource

● Copywriter

Twenty years experience writing for advertising, newswire, promotional copy, marketing, publicity.

● Wrote advertising copy for Hammond Organ, Paiste, Trewax, Hydrospa

● Wrote and cast radio/busboard campaign for First Federal Savings and Loan of Santa Monica

● Wrote, voiced, recorded The Media: Making an Impact program for sale as part of public speaking engagement at animal protection seminar in Boston along with articles for national publications, such as “Shelter Sense.”



Producer/Host WCEV, Media IQ Productions Chicago, IL

Designed format, created technical set-up, booked, researched, conducted, digitally edited interviews, mixed music, handled public relations, met budgets and deadlines. 2008 to 2009

News Director KUNM-FM Albuquerque, NM

Wrote, edited, proofread and produced materials for on-air broadcast. Conducted interviews with newsmakers. Operated news department including hiring, training, guiding news writers and broadcasters. 2003-2007

Winner - First Place New Mexico Association of Broadcasters - two part series with Mike Ruppert on “The End of Oil”; finalist Golden Reel Awards.

News Bureau Chief Metro Networks Albuquerque, NM

Wrote, edited, proofread and produced materials for on-air broadcast. Conducted interviews with newsmakers and edited them on Cool Edit software for distribution through national newswire network.

Provided Continuing Coverage from the explosion of the Twin Towers throughout the day. Press detail and pool reporter for President Bill Clinton in Albuquerque. Interviewed Richard Barrett of the World Bank, Anita Roddick of The Body Shop, Phil Donahue on his latest project Body of War. 1997-2003

Anchor/Reporter Metro Networks Phoenix, AZ

Wrote, edited, proofread and produced materials for on-air broadcast; handled on-air broadcasting for stations ranging from news/talk to rock formats. Conducted interviews with newsmakers, trained other writers/broadcasters, served as public information contact; maintained contacts with newsmakers. 1994-1997

Program Director/Music Director KXCI-FM Tucson, AZ

Represented company and supervised volunteer staff of 75 at community events; facilitated communication between people from diverse backgrounds; established and maintained working relationships with over 350 record representatives, served as liaison between community leaders and the staff. Hosted live events; emceed concerts; broadcast live; coordinated functions for annual events; trained volunteers; taught broadcast classes. 1991-1993

Programmer/Producer Digital Cable Radio (Music Choice) Hatboro, PA

Original Programmer for Music Choice’ Adult Alternative Rock and Hard Rock and Heavy Metal channels. Programmed Music Choice’ Instrumental, Bluegrass, and Folk channels. 1990-1994

Program Director/Music Director WKXL AM/FM Concord, NH

Planned and maintained promotions calendar. Consulted with artists, managers, publicists and agents in special on-air presentations of celebrity performers and interviews, trade fairs, conventions, live broadcasts, community events fundraisers and outreach activities. Coordinated publicity efforts. Composed questionnaires to track audience listening/buying preferences. Produced public service campaigns, contests live remotes. 1986-1991







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