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“Breakfast with Champions” is a dinner-party-in-the-a-m designed to help wake listeners and start their days with bright ideas and personal and global hope for the future, sprinkled with some music and a little humor and irreverence.


This program of fitness-for-your-head is designed to speak most immediately to the subculture currently identified as “Cultural Creatives.” These are innovators who tend to buy more books and magazines, listen to more radio, including NPR, volunteer for more causes, who care intensely about the earth and spiritual development. Many of them are working and businesspeople over the age of 35. Because many of them are Baby Boomers, they are often over 50. But they have not “checked out.” They are actively seeking, working to create more enriching lives for themselves and for others.


“Breakfast with Champions” is an hour which invites listeners to look at and interact with creative and motivational exercises and some of the most creative and innovative minds of our times. Program segments include:


Time is provided for news, weather, traffic, underwriting and public service announcements in keeping with mainstream radio formatting. This design makes it easy for commercial radio stations to include “Breakfast with Champions” in its programming.


“Breakfast with Champions” has two goals. The first is to grow more educational branches in other areas, including on-line. It is a human potential program designed to whet the appetites of people who don’t realize how many opportunities are open to them. In the offering of increased possibilities, is the kernel of increased life satisfaction and thus, I believe, a decrease in violence and limited thinking. As it grows it will accomplish the second and most basic goal on which the whole idea for this system was predicated. The second, is to build a financial base for animals in need and people who are helping them through rescue work, environmental and political action.


This program is based on the belief that: Through increased awareness, is the possibility of a new and more compassionate paradigm.



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